my inspiration

While I won’t dictate what you wear to your session, I will warn strongly against things like neon colors and being too “matchy” (like both of you in the same color kind of “matchy”). Earthy tones (dark greens and reds, mustard yellows, browns and blacks), neutrals, very light pastels (think Easter colors), and carefully selected patterns are love. If you have any questions about the wardrobe you’ve put together please don’t hesitate to ask! I’d love to help you find something that you’ll love seeing yourself in for years to come!

If you’re wanting to purchase clothes specifically for your session, I can point you in the direction of clothing stores that fit the aesthetic that is most appealing to my types of sessions and that work well within my images.

Below I have a link to a Pinterest board of things that speak to me. They’re things that make my heart sing and that will help create amazing images that you’ll love forever. I’m constantly adding to that board so be sure to check back continuously!

My Inspiration on Pinterest