I’ve always been a firm believer in the strength of love. It’s depths and complexities make it the one emotion we’ll never fully comprehend. Why it works and how it works. How there are times when no language known to human kind can easily describe it. It’s these unknowns about it that draw me to it and push me to push you to explore it. No poses, no fake smiles… I want the smiles it brings, the laughs it encourages, the tears it produces. I want to share in the vulnerability that truly loving without inhibitions creates.

While my heart sings for intimate weddings and earthy elopements, simply put, I love a good love story. If your story speaks to me, I want to share it with everyone.

My clients are my tribe. They appreciate life. They enjoy making memories. They’re bright and vibrant and have a strong will to thrive. But above it all…

they love.




» My wedding coverage works on a points basis. Each point is $150.

» Weddings with 50+ guests require 10 points to book.

» Weddings with less than 50 guests require 5 points to book.

» All wedding packages are subject to travel fees if outside the state of North Carolina

» Engagement or couples sessions are available starting at a flat rate of $280

» I take a limited number of family sessions a year. They are four hours long, include a gallery of no less than 30 photos as well as an 8×8 album with 10 spreads.  These sessions begin at $600

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