rise from the ashes

In each and every one of us, lies a warrior. We all have our battles and we all have our stories. I’ve made it my sort of mission in life to help everyone I meet find this inner power that comes with surviving this long. This sort of self love is indescribable… so of course I’ve made it my mission to try and show it off to everyone.

I told you I love a good love story. What love story is better than the one where you show off how much you love yourself?

Now, when I say that you’ll show off, I just mean for me and you. Obviously I won’t go flaunting these images around without your permission, but you’re welcome to share them with whomever you wish.

Does this sound like something that would interest you? If so, then I urge you to please reach out to me. I’ll send you a password protected gallery of other sample images. Please bear in mind that outside of minor retouches to skin and clothing, I won’t be editing how you look. No tummy tucks, no getting rid of double chins and most definitely no removal of scars (I’ll show you mine if you show me yours). Nada.

Please don’t think I’m just lazy and don’t want to do it. I stand by the mindset that to truly love yourself, you must embrace all the things you would change. You can still want to change them, but embrace that they are a part of you right now. I want you to appreciate the journey you’ve taken to get to this point and own it.

And that is why I stand very strictly against editing out your love handles. Sorry not sorry.

Oh and if you’ve made it this far THANK YOU FOR READING. You’re either raising your hands to the roof and singing “praise” OR you’re flabbergasted that I wouldn’t do everything in my power to make a client happy. If you’re the former, hit me up and let’s set up your next session. If you’re the latter you should hit that link as well so I can see if I can explain it differently to aid in understanding.

Either way, go in peace.