Love Is Love. Deal With It.

Forgive this blog being like a week overdue, but I’m excited to finally be able to share it! Out of all the things I was excited for at Photo Rehab, this class was one of the ones I was most excited for.

Shannon and Andrew of Fox & Owl Studio have become some very dear friends of mine over the past few months (they’re the masterminds behind the #StayWild meet ups!), and I was so ready to soak in all they had to offer us in their “Love is Love” class.

Before the shoot began, we all sat down with Connie and Aubrie and had a little “meet and greet” kind of thing. We got to ask them questions about how they handled finding ally vendors for their wedding and the things they looked for while they were searching.

It was absolutely heartbreaking to me to find that they found any resistance at all. I couldn’t image reaching out to people for a service, to be willing to pay for it, only for that person to say no because of who I loved.

If it isn’t blatantly apparent yet, Fiddle + Fox Studios chooses love. You have a friend in me.

To say that Connie and Aubrie killed the session would be an understatement. I know how unnerving it can be to have one or two cameras in your face and photographing what some people would consider some pretty intimate moments. These girls had NINE cameras (maybe more, I didn’t count) going off at any given moment and didn’t even miss a beat.

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