#StayWild with Fox & Owl – Black Balsam Meet Up

The photography community can be a pretty rough community believe it or not. Petty drama is bound to crop up anywhere, so when you find some like minded individuals who just want to chill and have fun while laughing over hot tea or coffee on a mountain and enjoying the pure natural beauty that is Mother Nature… well you hold those people close.

Recently (okay so maybe about a month ago), I met some of those types of people. Shannon and Andrew are the brilliant minds behind Fox & Owl Studio. They’re also the ones who organized this little meet up (and who continue to organize more meet ups). To put it simply, they are the realest couple I’ve ever met in my life. So in love with life and beauty and each other than you can’t help but feel great being around them. Christian is the gorgeous mother of one who created Foxhouse Studio and has some of the best stories of her journey thus far. Seriously, I could listen to them for hours. And Aly is the vibrant, fun soul behind Aly Barnett Photography. She’s got an infectious smile and a personality that just makes you want to be her friend. Also, she’s the only other person I’ve ever met to spell her name like she does aside from my childhood best friend, so she wins already.

Sitting on top of this mountain with this group of such creative individuals (plus my husband), I finally started to feel like I was finding where I belong in this community. I was finally starting to find my tribe, the people who understood what I saw in photography and understood my vision. I’m pretty sure I heard Shannon say it at one point, but I can’t help but think of a little phrase every time I think about this meet up (or the meet ups to come):

“Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe”

And it’s true! Sososo very true. Birds of a feather, y’all.


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