in loving memory

It’s never a fun time when we lose a loved one, whether they be of the human variety or the animal. Honestly, I think loosing an animal is worse than loosing a human because at least you can tell the human how you feel about them and they understand you. Animals have no idea. We hope they do, but really? Who knows.

Which is why when I learned of the passing of a great animal (a dog to be exact) that I knew, it hit me hard. Trooper belongs to a friend of the family, and he and my middle dog (Athena) grew up together. We always joked they were boyfriend/girlfriend whenever they played together. Gods did they love each other.

It’s been a few years since Athena last saw Cooper (I moved from KY to NC to be with my husband) but I know she felt his loss in some way. If not through feeling his conscious leave the cosmos than at least in grieving his loss with me.

I photographed a wedding in Northern Ohio last year, and when I made my way back to North Carolina, I made sure to stop by my old Kentucky home. I’m so glad I did or else I wouldn’t have been able to capture these amazing photographs of Trooper and his family.

This was the second time I had rented the D750 and the first time I had used the 70-200 f/2.8 (outside of a wedding). When I took these pictures I didn’t realize the impact they’d have not even a year later. But if this event has taught me anything, it’s that pictures are all we’re going to have in the end.


Hold your puppers close tonight and be sure that they feel your love ♥

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